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Medication Information

What Medications does Men’s Direct RX utilize:

Men’s Direct RX uses Sildenafil (primary ingredient in Viagra), Tadalafil (primary ingredient in Cialis) and a Combination of the Two in it’s medications.


What is the difference between Sildenafil and Tadalafil?

Both Tadalafil and Sildenafil are part of the same class of medication, called PDE-5 inhibitors. The main difference between Tadalafil and Sildenafil is the initial impact  and how long they last. Tadalafil kicks in a little more subtly but can last up to 36 hours whereas Sildenafil usually kicks in with a little more impact but only lasts for around 4 to 6 hours.


What Forms of Delivery are Men’s Direct RX Medications compounded in?

Troches – 5x faster than traditional ED Pills

Troches are a waxy dissolving medication. Placed under the tongue the troche dissolves and is absorbed into the sublingual and travels directly into the bloodstream. This form of medication allows it to bypass the digestive track and in the system 5x faster than traditional ED Pills.

Drops – 10x faster than traditional ED Pills

Unlike the troche (which is already 5x faster than traditional ED medication) there is no waiting for the med drops to dissolve. Placed by a dropper under the tongue the liquid drops begin absorption into the sublingual immediately and travels directly into the bloodstream. With no waiting for the med to dissolve and bypassing the digestive tract, drops get in the system 10x faster than traditional ED Pills.


How is Men’s Direct RX packaging discreet?

Your Men’s Direct RX order will arrive in a FedEx package that looks like any other. No branded boxes. The delivery will have you and your address listed as the recipient and the pharmacy of origin listed as the sender.


Why are Men’s Direct RX medication faster and longer lasting than other ED medication options?

Most other ED medications come in pill or even a few chewable options. Either of these mean the medication travels through the digestive system. This both slows the process of the medication absorbing into the bloodstream as well as dilutes the medication’s effectiveness with any food or drink it runs into in the process. Overall this creates a slower and weaker medication upon arrival in the bloodstream.

Both troches and drops fall under the sublingual category of medication application. Both meds are placed under the tongue and absorb directly into the mucous membranes in the mouth either under the tongue or inside the cheek. Because the oral mucosa has a thin epithelium and abundant blood vessels, many medications administered here are rapidly absorbed. Passing directly into the bloodstream, they can take action quickly while avoiding the damaging effects of gastric acid and liver metabolism.


Is Men’s Direct RX a subscription service?

No. Order it when you need it.


When Are ED Medication Potentially Dangerous

Please consult a physician  to discuss your individual case, however, in general:
Do not take if you have untreated high blood pressure
Do not take with recreational drugs
Do not use this medication if you take nitrates (nitroglycerin) for chest pain
Seek immediate medical attention if you experience an erection lasting 4 hours or more