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Men’s Direct RX is, at its core, a cooperative of patients, physicians and pharmacies. Born organically from the obvious difficulty most men had in obtaining affordable and  effective erectile dysfunction treatment. 

Existing oral medications were cost prohibitive, commonly priced in excess of $50 per dose. Through strategic relationships with US licensed compounding pharmacies, Men’s Direct RX was able to get the consumer cost down to less than $2 per dose!

Additionally, standard oral ED medications are tablets that are swallowed and travel through the stomach. Ultimately diluted by the digestive track and weakened in their effect. The Men’s Direct RX physicians took the same medication one finds in Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) and had them compounded into troche and liquid form. Either are placed under the tongue and absorbed sublingually directly into the bloodstream. Arguably, this is the most effective form of oral med application available.

Finally, to get any prescription, one needs affordable access to a physician. Men’s Direct RX’s network of physicians combined with tele-medical technology make access virtually immediate. Our mission is to establish a single transparent price that includes not just medication, but physician oversight, written prescription and shipping.

Mission accomplished! With Men’s Direct RX we have created a single venue where a patient can be diagnosed by a US Licensed Physician, safely select their treatment, receive a written prescription and finally their meds;  All in one seamless and convenient process that we call “Doctor To Door”.